NEH Institute On Campus Apartments

We would like to extend a warm welcome and want you to know we are excited that you will be staying with us on campus at the University of Pittsburgh! Your arrival is just days away and we are preparing to greet you with open arms. This email serves as our official welcome packet with information about departments on campus, safety, important numbers, where to check in and much more.

Move In 

Your check in location will be Bouquet A (300 S Bouquet St, Pittsburgh, PA 15213) on June 5, 2022. Please plan to arrive between 2pm-6pm. PLEASE NOTE: Check in closes at 6pm. If you arrive late you will need to check in at Bouquet J at the guard station.  At check in you will receive a PUC (Panther Utility Card) and you will need to sign that you received the card. This will give you access to your assigned residence hall and room. This card is active and valid only to your assigned residence room. You may also use it to ride Pitt Suttles. It will not give access to Port Authority buses, gyms or other spaces on campus. 

Move Out 

Location will be Bouquet J. You will be required to turn in your PUC card to the CSA at the Checkout desk in Lobby. Any PUC card not returned will result in a $10 charge.

  • Leave your accommodations in broom-clean condition 
  • Clean MicroFridges and any University-owned appliances. 
  • Remove all personal belongings. 
  • Leave only sealed bags of dry trash in your room. 
  • Seal all wet and food-related garbage and place in the appropriate landfill of your residence hall. 
  • Turn off all lights and lock door. 
  • Return PUC card to the checkout table of your residence hall or to Panther Central

Panther Central 24/7 Assistance:

Panther Central is your go-to place for all the essentials of daily living, from finding a good meal to helping to answer questions about campus. Whether you need help finding your conference location or you are locked out of your room at 3 a.m., Panther Central can help. They are dedicated to providing friendly, courteous service to current and prospective students, guests, faculty, and staff 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Phone: 412-648-1100


University of Pittsburgh Police

The University of Pittsburgh Police Department is the third-largest law enforcement agency in Allegheny County, providing 24-hour protection for nearly 40,000 students, faculty, and staff. Pitt Police cover the 132-acre Oakland campus as well as outlying facilities. To be connected to Pitt Police, dial 911 or 412-624-2121. For more information about Pitt Police, visit their website at  

Emergency Notification Service

The University’s emergency notification service is used to communicate with subscribers through voice, text, and email messages in the event of an emergency. To receive alerts, subscribe by logging in to My Pitt (, click My Resources, select Emergency Notification, and follow the instructions.  

Residence Hall Security

Entrances to residence halls have security desks staffed by welcome attendants. Welcome Attendants, who are trained in university fire safety and security procedures, control access to the residence halls by requiring that all residents and visitors properly scan in and out of the buildings. 

Emergency Blue Light Phone Stations

There are emergency phones, identifiable by a blue light, located throughout campus. Pressing the red emergency button on one of these phones activates the strobe on the blue light and notifies Pitt Police dispatch of the user’s location, allowing emergency personnel to respond.  

Safety Tips

• Carry your PUC card with you at all times.  

• Always keep your door and windows locked.  Do not prop open security doors.  

• Report suspicious persons to the University Police at 412-624-2121.  

• Avoid leaving valuables out in the open or unattended.  

• Never lend your PUC card to anyone under any circumstances.  

• If your PUC is lost or stolen, contact Panther Central as soon as possible.  

• Cross streets at crosswalks or intersections whenever possible.  

• Check both ways before crossing the road – even on one-way streets.  

• Keep alert at all times and travel with a friend after dark.  

• Do not let anyone into University Owned Housing unless they have been given authorization by the welcome attendant. 


Guest Policy for Summer Programs 

Summer participants may not have guests unless they are housed in Bouquet Gardens Only. Because participants are not acting in the capacity of Pitt students, they will be limited to immediate family as guests. All approved guests MUST sign in. 

Residence Hall and University Facilities 

Access to facilities (i.e. Gym, Music Rooms, Rec Rooms) in the Residence Hall are prohibited. Summer guests will not have access to Pitt facilities such as gyms, libraries, etc. Summer guest will not be given Port Authority access on their PUC cards. 


Roommates will be decided by the program organizer. Roommate changes can be inquired to your program organizer who will contact the Conference Services Coordinator for approval. 

Assigned Floors 

Summer participants are not allowed on any other floors other than the floor of their designated room. This includes common areas, bathrooms, etc. not assigned on your floor.  

Room Cleanliness 

Participants are responsible for their own trash removal. Housekeeping will provide each room with a complimentary trash bag at arrival but will not go into rooms once they are occupied to change and remove trash. Trash rooms are located on the floor of the residence hall, or a dumpster is located outside of the building. Participants are responsible for buying their own toiletries. Housekeeping will only be providing 3 rolls of toilet paper per room. After these rolls have run out, it is up to the participants to purchase a new supply. Rooms must be kept in a cleanly state in order to avoid health risks of all occupants of the building.  Excessive amounts of trash or necessary clean up required by our staff could result in additional fees. 


Please locate the laundry rooms located in your Residence Hall. These should be located on every floor. Machines are operated by Panther Funds. If your program does not provide Panther Funds to participants, Panther Funds may be loaded onto your PUC card at Panther Central. 

Linen Exchanges 

Linens include a fitted sheet, top, sheet, thin cotton blanket, pillow, pillowcase, washcloth and towel. Linen Exchange will take place on Mondays from 4pm to 8pm. Linens (except pillow and blanket) should be brought down to the lobby and exchanged at the Conferences Services Assistant table.


If damages are reported or found the group or individual will be subject to additional fees. 


The University of Pittsburgh has a strict no-pet policy in on-campus housing. For guidance and policy on service and emotional support animals please contact Disability Resources and Services at


All summer guests will have access to Wifi within their Residence Halls. The directions to access this network are below: 

1.    Summer camp/guests should connect to the SummerGuest-WiFi network.  

2.    Upon connecting to the SummerGuest-WiFi network, users will be directed to enter a passcode key.  

3.    The passcode is summer2022 (all lower case) 

Residence Hall Amenities 

The following appliances are allowed (but not included) in Residence Halls. 

  • Microwaves (800 watts or smaller) 
  •  Refrigerators (4.2 cubic feet or smaller) •  
  • Coffee makers without burners  
  •  Blenders  
  • Computers  
  • TVs, DVD players, and radios 
  • Non-commercial hair dryers and hairstyling tools  
  • Electric shavers  
  • Electric toothbrushes  
  • Irons (with auto shutoff) 

The following appliances are prohibited in all Residence Halls. This is not an all-inclusive list, if you are unsure if an item is permitted please contact Panther Central or Conference Services. 

  • Open-flame cooking devices or heating units  
  • Space heaters  
  • Air conditioners  
  • Halogen light fixtures 
  • Gas grills 
  • Extension cords (power strips with surge protectors are acceptable) 
  • Unauthorized pets 
  • Loft beds 
  • Waterbeds 
  • Exterior radio/TV aerials  
  • Controlled substances 
  • Firecrackers 
  • Ammunition 
  • Firearms or any other weapons 
  • Live cut decorations such as trees 
  • Candles 

If you would like more information on what amenities are offered in your residence hall please consult Panther Central’s website


Campus Map

Need help finding your way around campus? Try this link to the campus map:

Have questions about Conferences Services? Check out this site:

Hungry? Check out one of these local Merchants:


Conference Services  

Conference Services is your one-stop shop for event planning.  From catering and housing to technology needs, we offer comprehensive conference and event planning services to groups and camps of all sizes.  Our dedicated staff will work with you to produce an event that’s both productive and enjoyable. The University of Pittsburgh Conference Services team aims to provide our guests with an environment of excellence through unique and affordable accommodation options. Our campus includes state-of-the-art facilities, exemplary customer service, and access to a vibrant city community with great restaurants, art and culture just steps away in the Oakland area. Our staff is ready to help make your summer program a success and we look forward to beginning the planning process with you! 


Our housekeeping staff cleans communal bathrooms, lounges, hallways, and stairwells. You are responsible for cleaning your own room and the bathrooms in suites. Residents of apartment-style accommodations are responsible for cleaning their own apartments. Residents should place trash in a container lined with a plastic bag within the accommodation.  Residents are responsible for disposing of their trash bags on a timely basis in the designated receptacles provided by the University. 

Mail Room

Summer participants living in the residence halls over the summer for 30 days or more have access to mailing services. Mail can be picked up at Litchfield Towers B during normal business hours. Please use the follow mailing address to receive your mail:

“Resident Name”

c/o “Conference Name”

Litchfield Tower B

3990 Fifth Avenue

Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Parking and Transportation 

Attendees can park anywhere they like during the summer and use the Parkmobil app to pay. The parking office will offer a discounted parking pass at $25.00 a week for conferences and camps this summer. These passes will be for garages Posvar and OC.  If guests park in Soldiers and Sailors overnight they will not be able to remove their cars between 12am and 6am. Please have attendees visit the Parking office once on campus to purchase their pass for length of their program. If you are arriving on the weekend you will need to call the parking office by the Thursday before your arrival and order your parking pass so it can be picked up and given to you with you PUC card on check in.

If your group needs to arrange group transportation at any point during your stay, please feel free to reach out to Conference Services and we can arrange that for you or assist in getting quotes for your records. 

Pitt Parking Office: 



Meal Plans 

If your conference organizer is supplying a meal plan it will be loaded to your PUC card. If you are unsure if you have a meal plan or not, please reach out to your conference administrator. Please note that the dining hall is not open during the summer except for certain meal periods.

Panther Funds 

The Panther Funds program, which is a university-sponsored program administered by Panther Central, is a prepaid service that allows you to do more with your PUC. There are over 70 merchants in both university affiliated and community buildings that accept Panther Funds, which cover everything from dining, laundry, mailing and shipping, to library services and parking. Please check this link for a list:


Building Maintenance

Building Superintendents, and their maintenance teams, are responsible for the operation and upkeep of the residence halls. Residents with questions or concerns regarding a maintenance issue can contact the maintenance team via the Panther Central website at Some maintenance may be needed to summer housing residence halls over the course of the summer. If there is scheduled maintenance in your residence hall, Conference Services will reach out to the program organizer to make them and their participants aware. 

Maintenance Request 

If your apartment/room is in need of maintenance over the course of your stay, please contact Panther Central at 412-648-1100. 

 We are so excited to have you staying with us on campus this summer! If there is anything you need to make your stay easier, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We hope you have an amazing experience while staying with us here at the University of Pittsburgh!